Podcast #5 Thru The Lens With Nick

Hi There – in the “Nick” of time for the Bank Holiday…

I just found this on my camera, and throught now with the final workshop around the corner in September,

and show in October – a perfect time to get this to You..

Nick does speak for a long time – but then as an already advanced student before he came to see me, Nick had  lot to share and talk about.. including how he overcame his fear of making mistakes in Playing live.


In case You haven’t seen it Podcast #2 = all about Overcoming Fear and The Performance Pendulum Effect

Here’s the link to that from a few weeks back



Knocking On Heavens Door LIVE Video & Sound off Desk from Birthday Show

Hi There,

Hope You’re enjoying the Bank Holiday Weekend.. and this time two videos – two versions

featuring Ibai on Acoustic Guitar and Students Dan and Paul on Electric Guitars with a full band up on stage

Straight from the Video camera 

And the second captures the sound directly off the mixing desk – that’s the live sound as everyone who was there on the day would have heard it.. with picture photos of the day –

With Live Student Sound Straight off the Mixing Desk…


Students Play Lynyrd Skynryd Classic Live On Stage

HI There – This time featuring Guitar Students Sohrab, Helena and Mark – on Lynryd Skynryd classic Freebird – complete with solo close ups..


Ps There will be a special new podcast #5 coming along next week..

If You haven’t yet, I’d get ready by starting with PodCast #1 – All About the Two Least Likely to Succeed on Guitar – You even get to hear them play, live together on stage… with a Full Band..

Here’s that Link :-


Video of soundcheck from Birthday Gig

Hi There – Hope this sunny Tuesday is treating you well.

And the first video from a few sundays ago – a soundcheck of an old Fleetwood Mac Classic – when they were called Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac.. with Chris handling lead guitar, Sohrab and Helena on Guitars, Charlie on Sax, Gordon Bass, Nick on Drums and David Vocals..

Podcast #3 Honouring Your Musical Struggles

Hi There – Here’s Podcast #3 first half is all about Honouring Your musical struggles..

And then second part, from the birthday gig –

former Student Josh from show #1 way back…

literally landed back from his holiday in Greece a couple of hours before –

before jumping on stage on a cover of RoadHouse Blues  with Charlie on Sax..