Students Play Lynyrd Skynryd Classic Live On Stage

HI There – This time featuring Guitar Students Sohrab, Helena and Mark – on Lynryd Skynryd classic Freebird – complete with solo close ups..


Ps There will be a special new podcast #5 coming along next week..

If You haven’t yet, I’d get ready by starting with PodCast #1 – All About the Two Least Likely to Succeed on Guitar – You even get to hear them play, live together on stage… with a Full Band..

Here’s that Link :-

Video of soundcheck from Birthday Gig

Hi There – Hope this sunny Tuesday is treating you well.

And the first video from a few sundays ago – a soundcheck of an old Fleetwood Mac Classic – when they were called Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac.. with Chris handling lead guitar, Sohrab and Helena on Guitars, Charlie on Sax, Gordon Bass, Nick on Drums and David Vocals..

Podcast #3 Honouring Your Musical Struggles

Hi There – Here’s Podcast #3 first half is all about Honouring Your musical struggles..

And then second part, from the birthday gig –

former Student Josh from show #1 way back…

literally landed back from his holiday in Greece a couple of hours before –

before jumping on stage on a cover of RoadHouse Blues  with Charlie on Sax..