Photos from 50 Birthday PART ONE and Soundtrack

Hi There,

A huge thank you to those that came along a few sundays back – I know I was competing with Wimbeldon, Euro Cup final and also the Grand Prix.

In case you weren’t there – as well as videoing, and taking photos – we had two sound engineers on the day

One for the live sound – and because everything on stage, all the drums, bass, 3 guitars and vocals were miked up – we also had another sound engineer create the recorded sound mix…

And the good news is You can hear that as well… see how many of these three classics from 1976 to 1978 you recognise ?

Photos from Birthday Show and Special Guests just Back From Greece

Hi There – just received today the photos from the birthday show a few sundays ago – it was great to see some present and past students get up and play guitar.


Past and Present Students who Played on the Day

Josh & Flatbadger






Josh and Drummer Dad Eddie were back from Greek Holiday only 2 hours before this Photo was taken.

They played way back at Show Number #1, together with Simon Bass as the three piece rock band FlatBadger

Some people did get to see Josh Play last November as part of Reggae outfit Rooted and Booted, supporting Roddy Radiation (ex-Specials) and the SkaBilly Rebels.

Here’s Josh, with Drummer Dad Eddie, and Simon on Bass… way way back from Show Number one with his finale Status Quo Cover Bye Bye Johnny



What if Monday Mornings Started Something Like This ?

Might look like some alcohol/ ecstasy fuelled night time – except this isn’t… This is how some people in London, ¬†start off their working day..something called Morning Glory – all that dancing gets endorphons going.

And who gets the most benefit out of all of this ??

Ofcourse It’s the guy up on stage doing the playing and the Djing.

Passive Music listening and dancing great ofcourse – but NO COMPARISON to actual full engaged music making, as anyone who has ever played on stage, performed will tell you – and something that even Nueroscience is showing as well.

PodCast 1 : The 2 People Least Likely To Succeed in Music Maybe

Hi There,

Hope You’re enjoying the heat.

Finally got PodCast #1 up and running.

Starts off with a little bit from the 50th Birthday gig – straight off the mixing desk – first time we’ve done that in a long time

And then I talk about, who out of all the years were perhaps the 2 least likely to succeed at Playing Guitar

And also The One Thing That is more important Than Music, when it comes to Making Meaningfull Music – whatever Meaningfull Music Making means for you.

Here Goes… PodCast Numero Uno – Which I hope You enjoy!


Ps See If You can also spot the deliberate mistake – drop an email to and title it The Mistake Is…