The One Thing That Can Change & No It’s Not the Music

Hi There,

Ofcourse the Music can change. That’s part of the fun of going to watch live bands, not just to hear it exactly like the record, the CD, or the mp3 (unless it’s a tribute act – then that whole nostalgia of looking and sounding the part is the point).

If I think back to some of my favourite concerts – The Who for example back in 2003, when John Entwhistle was still on Bass, then what really made that for me was the energy, the attitude – right from the get go of I Can’t Explain which kind of exploded out of the speakers.

But then there’s a different kind of music that doesn’t change, or maybe isn’t supposed to change, but sadly all too often can and does change.

And sometimes that can be the Music that You are trying to make; when You have got in from one of ” Those Days!!”

Because yes it is possible that on a tuesday back in from work, Your playing might not sound like it did over the weekend when it was really flowing – and in that case the one thing that has changed is not the Music itself; but rather it’s You – or likely the kind of day You have had; because sometimes it can feel like life has got in the way, and You are still carrying over things from earlier on that day in your mind when it is time to pick up and play.

Whether it’s that email, that meeting, phone call, proposal, the meeting or whatever it happens to be.

Taking a few moments, or even a few minutes even to get fully present, fully focussed can be all it takes to get you out of what I call life mode into Music Making Mode – which is something I refer to as Priming Your Musical Mind.

Because when You are all primed first, Your playing is all ready to go. And without that it can be really easy to just repeat and play the things You perhaps already do know and can play.

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