What the Einstein Of Sound Discovered and How That impacts You

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Alfred Tomaitis MD, developed a number of sound therapies that were considered Alternative Medicine – since there was no scientific proof to back them up. His work on the music of Mozart was also a big influence on Don Campbell who went on to publish The Mozart Effect – which became hugely popular in the 1990s – with many parents buying Mozart Cds and sometimes even playing them to their unborn babies.

Now while many of his therapies were considered alternative, and the Mozart Effect has since been disproven –

One thing He did establish was that an unborn baby can actually hear sound – this is likely why many mothers went on to put headphones around their wombs and play Mozart.

But this has wider implications, because since then the experts have established that a baby’s very first ever Musical memory, at an unconcious level – happens around 4 months before they are born.

This first memory, is the sound of the Mothers heart beat – which to a baby actually sounds as loud as drums.

This suggests it is no accident, that all cultures around the world, whether its modern Rock, Pop music – or ethnic music have 4/4 that is 4 beats to the bar, a count of 1,2,3,4 as the underlying pulse to their music.

Some might say this means that everyone is hardwired for Music – I would say everyone is likely hardwired for the potential of music – though actual music making, any music making does take focus, and does take effort.

But then I got to thinking about that old Don Maclean Song – Bye Bye Miss American Pie.. if you know it, then maybe I’ve just reminded you about the song that Don wrote with the Lyric ” The Day The Music Died” – with reference to 1950s rock n roll star Buddy Holly who died in a plane crash.

Except, in reality this song isn’t just about when Buddy died, the Music died.

Because in a very real sense.. what happens when anyone dies – well the last thing ofcourse is that the heartbeat stops.
And if the heartbeat sounds like a drum – then in a real sense when anyone dies it is like their Music dies.

Why do I bring this up – well anecdotaly You hear things life “Music Is Life”… Don’t Die with Your Music Still In You.

Perhaps in a real sense there is a lot more truth to this then You might have thought before.

Food For Thought and Music For Life ?

Here’s a reminder of American Pie Don Maclean

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