When You Are Up To Your Neck In Mud, Here’s What You Do

Hi There,

It was in his address to Texas University – Admiral McRaven – head of the Navy Seals – The Elite Force, had started describing the part of the program called Hell Week – 7 days of no sleep and non stop activity.

And on day 3 – what can only be described as The Helliest Day Of Hell Week… was when The Navy seals went up to their necks in mud, not once but twice.

And Admiral McRaven’s first conclusion about what happened in those Mud Flaps, where no one quit, was completely wrong I believe.

Not that I ever want to arm wrestle the guy – but saying

” Never underestimate the power of Hope and the Power of One Man” was in my opinion completely wrong.

However – I believe what he went on to say straight after was absolutely, spot on right.

If You’re curious to find out what, watch Now..


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